Google Glass Explorer Edition Is on Sale April 15

For today, April 15th, Google is selling the Google Glass Explorer Edition to anyone in the US for a hefty price of $1500. It will be on sale until 6 AM Pacific Time April 16th, or 9 AM Eastern Time. In case you are unfamiliar, the Google Glass can take prescription lenses, so if you […]

Could LG be Apple’s iWatch Partner?

As the tech community awaits the highly rumored Apple iWatch, a new report surfaced recently from the Korean Publication Naver,LG has once again been hinted towards being the sole supplier and partner for the Apple iWatch. LG could be supplying the flexible display for the rumored smart watch which will be a 1.52 inch plastic […]

Corning Announcing New Product on May 20

Corning, the company behind today’s extremely durable smartphone screens, has announced today that they will be unveiling a new product on May 20th. The event will be held at the Corning testing labs in New York. We could be seeing a finalized version of a product they showcased back in January at CES which was […]

Fixing Corrupt Icons in Windows

As time goes on, operating systems generally deteriorate-registry errors pile up, disks become fragmented, and certain files corrupt. Fortunately, as with most other issues, resolving icon corruption does not require a full operating system reinstall. The cause of most icon corruption is the corruption of the Windows icon cache. Replacing the corrupt icon cache takes […]

Galaxy S4 Zoom: “Phone, meet Camera”

Recently, Samsung released an interesting twist to their widely used Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Which, basically, is a point and shoot camera attached to the back of a Samsung GS4. This, however, isn’t brand new for Samsung. Samsung has their line of Galaxy Cameras ranging from point-and-shoots to mirror-less DSLRs.   Why is […]

Heartbleed, an OpenSSL Bug, Could Have a Huge Effect on Websites

When using websites like Google, Amazon, or Yahoo, you’ll often notice a small lock-icon next to the URL. This means that the website is using SSL encryption, a method which securely transfers your data. The mainstream application used in this encryption is called OpenSSL, and until recently, it was believed to be extremely secure. The […]

PCAW Is Happy to Announce that We Have Been Bought!

PCAW has been bought by PC World and Mac World.   They have each paid $500,000 for PCAW’s writers, totaling $1M USD.   Joshua will begin to write for Mac World on April 2nd, and Oliver and Nick for PC World on April 2nd.   We hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at PCAW, and […]

Google Solves Nexus 5 Camera Issues With Android 4.4.2

    While Google’s Nexus 5 received a slew of positive feedback, one of the most significant and prevalent complaints was the mediocre performance of its 8 MP rear camera. Overall image quality was decent in most conditions, but nothing outstanding when compared to the competition (HTC One, SGS4, iPhone 5s). It did not focus […]

Nexus 5 Review

As expected, Google launched their Nexus 5 on October 31 and although the inventory issues were significantly abated, the device a still had an over one month weight time at the end of  launch day, although it was still a major improvement over the Nexus 4’s launch during which the device sold out within 11 […]

Nexus 5 Now Official Through Google Play Leak

Yesterday, Google’s Nexus 5 briefly appeared on the Google Play Store with a starting price of $349. Based on rumors and tech trend, this base model will likely feature 16 GB of memory, with the $399 model utilizing 32GB. It is still unclear whether or not Google will decide to provide the $399 model with […]