Best CPU/Mobo Bundle Under $110 (Microcenter)

2012 in review

We would like to thank everyone who made PCAppleWorld the site it is. Myself, Oliver and Nick would like to give a large thanks to our viewers and active participants, it really means a lot. Here’s to 2013, and we’ll try to have more content coming to you guys. So enjoy the infograph. Here’s an […]

Happy Thanksgiving

We, at PCAppleWorld, would like to wish you a happy thanksgiving. We would like to remind you to please stay safe tomorrow on Black Friday as you go on a hunt for cheap tech. -PCAppleWorld Staff

Best AMD CPU <$100

AMD offers cheaper CPUs than Intel for performance; when it comes to a budget, AMD is often the way to go. AMD has a good deal of CPUs under $100, but we picked the best of them (which are unsurprisingly close to $100). The Best AMD CPU under $100 has a tie for the Phenom […]

A Useful tip (For Windows)

(Note: this was only tested on Windows 7) Sometimes you may want some sort of window, like in Mac OS (X) for your applications, but can’t always find one. Sometimes you might try to move around a window, but there isn’t enough room for the cursor on the taskbar If you click the upper left-hand […]

You forgot something, Apple

Recently, I tried to use a Bluetooth speaker with a 3rd generation iPod Touch on the newest firmware from Apple(5.1.1). For some reason, the Bluetooth option was mysteriously, ABSOLUTELY GONE. Is this a nudge to buy new things from them? Or did an employee just select that option and *accidentally* press delete while editing it?¬†Or […]

Mac App of the Week: App 2: Hand Brake

This is the second app in my weekly series, Mac App of the Week. Handbrake Download link: My Youtube Channel:

Google Nexus 7

Yesterday, at Google’s I/O conference, Google unveiled their Nexus 7 tablet. The product is meant to target the low-end tablet market, thus it will compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s Nook tablet. In the near future, the Nexus 7 will be the best tablet in the near $200 market with its incredible […]

AMD and ARM partnership for ‘Trustzone’

AMD announced that they are making a partnership with ARM so that they will incorporate some of ARM’s technologies into their future APUs. The deal is that AMD will have mini ARM-powered processors checking for malicious code whilst the main x86 cores run. This can be very helpful especially for people running Windows (a majority), […]