Windows 8 Release Preview Is Now Available

Today, Microsoft has finally announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview is available. Additional, it is now available in 14 languages. In the first 24 hours of its release, there have been over a million downloads. If this trend of popularity continues, Windows 8 may be a success after all. The release preview feature many new apps including: Bing […]

Klipsch Image ONE Headphones Review

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Trinity vs. Ivy Bridge

In the mobile sector, AMD is pitting their newest Trinity APUs against Intel’s newest Ivy Bridge. There is a new architecture there, but how well it does compared to Ivy Bridge could be different from Llano vs. Sandy Bridge. The last rotation of things – and the first time the A-series came out – Llano […]

Interesting Windows Feature

Many Windows users may not be aware of this great, intuitive feature that Windows offers. By pressing control-Windows-tab a user gets a great view which allows for scrolling of the different windows with an advanced preview of each program open. A user can scroll through the Windows by clicking tab or pressing the arrows; once […]


There is a new revision of WiFi coming out, and its name is 802.11ac. This new version is far faster than 802.11n. The channels will be twice or four times wider, allowing for more data to move at the same time. It goes from the 40Mhz and 20Mhz to 80 and 160 Mhz; this is […]

HP Omni vs iMac

                                            Currently, there are 2 mainstream all-in-one computers: the iMac series and the HP Omni series. Since the base iMac comes at a price of $1199.99, it will be compared with the price equivalent […]

MacBook Air vs. Samsung UltraBook

Two very slim computers, one called the “Air” the other called an “Ultrabook” will face off and be compared! We will compare the low end 13″ MacBook Air (MC965LL/A) and low end 13″ Samsung Ultrabook (NP530U3B-A01US). Prices: MacBook Air: $1,299 Ultrabook: $899.99 Specs MacBook Air: 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor 4GB memory 128GB flash […]

Google (Android) And Apple (iOS) Gain Market Share As Blackberry Loses Ground

                  Unsurprisingly, Android and iOS smart phones are gaining popularity while Blackberry powered ones are becoming far and fewer. Android shipments in Q1 increased by a whooping 145% from the 36.7 million of Q1 in 2011. Apple, on the other hand, has increased from 18.6 million units sold last first […]

MacBook Pro Price Drop. Complete WWDC Announced Redesign Practically Confirmed.

Today, Best Buy lowered their price for the MacBook Pro. This supports rumors that there will be a complete redesign of all of Apple’s Macs, which will most likely be announced at WWDC. It’s been 4 years since the Macs have gotten redesigned, so it’s about their cycle. We are also hoping for a new Mac […]

AMD Trinity APU Announced and Tested

AMD has finally released its revision on the revolutionary design of a CPU integrating graphics as powerful as discrete graphics. As you may know, AMD has replaced the architecture with a newer, slightly stronger one that has more room for improvement than the fully tweaked “Stars” architecture. The highest end processing power is now better […]