Mozilla CEO Steps Down

Today, the CEO of Mozilla resigned amid outrage at his support of an anti-gay marriage campaign. It seems as if his views clashed strongly with the liberal views in the Silicon Valley. This brings up a big issue about the interference of political views and large corporations. Should a CEO be forced to resign because […]

Ubuntu One: And Then There Were None

Canonical was offering a free cloud storage system, Ubuntu One, for 5 GB of storage, with paid options to expand that storage. Recently, however, Canonical has decided that the service will no longer allow new users as of April 2nd, and they will delete any remaining files by June 1, 2014. This is in part […]

PCAW Is Happy to Announce that We Have Been Bought!

PCAW has been bought by PC World and Mac World.   They have each paid $500,000 for PCAW’s writers, totaling $1M USD.   Joshua will begin to write for Mac World on April 2nd, and Oliver and Nick for PC World on April 2nd.   We hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at PCAW, and […]

Apple Tip of the Week 6: Remove Backgrounds From Images in Preview

In this weeks Mac tip of the week I’m gonna teach you how to make a transparent background without the use of Photoshop or other photo editing tools. You can simply use Preview.   To do this you need to go to the menu bar and click View>Show Edit Toolbar. Then click on the wand […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Announced

Today Samsung released their new Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 sports much of the same design as the outgoing Galaxy S4, with some minor changes. The only physical change is the dimpled back of the S5 made out of a different material than plastic. Some internal changes to the Galaxy S5 include, a fingerprint sensor […]

Android Alternative to Viral Flappy Bird

Following Flappy Bird’s  viral success, its developer, Dong Nguyen, decided to  remove it from both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play. Fortunately for Android users, an alternative is already out for those who did not get a chance to download Flappy Bird while it was available. This alternative is Flappy Wings, a near carbon copy […]

Apple Tip of the Week 5: Individual Mission Control Windows

Hey guys, I’m back as usual with another Apple Tip of the Week. This week I’m gonna show you how to get rid of the window groupings in Mission Control.   By default Mission Control looks like this: (click picture for larger view) As you can see the Google Chrome windows are all bunched up.   […]

Nano Editor Review

  Nano is an open source command-line editor. It has most of the featured offered in, say, Notepad or Textedit, although there is no support for your mouse’s cursor or selecting words. Aside from that, being in a command line setting, it also feels really advanced. There’s a handy bar at the bottom of the […]

Apple Tip of the Week 4: Messages Time Stamp

Hey guys. It’s time for another Apple Tip of the Week! Sorry about last week, the writers of PCAW had finals so we weren’t able to write any posts, but I’m back with Apple Tip of the Week 4.   This time, it’s an iOS tip for a change. Have you ever missed a message […]

Apple Tip of the Week 3: Hidden OSX Wallpapers

Hey guys, Josh here with this week’s Apple Tip of the Week 3 . I’m really excited to show you this one, because this is one of the less known tips. Did you know there ara hidden wallpapers in OSX Mavericks? Neither did I at first, until I decided to snoop around the Library. To […]